Moving is undeniably a difficult process as it requires back-breaking lifting of heavy furniture, arrangement of transportation, a hard-working team, and so much more. Going for DIY is not possible for everyone, as it involves grueling work that can even lead to various injuries. Therefore, most people enlist the help of moving companies in Toronto Ontario or any moving company near their place. If you’re someone who is also looking forward to seeking assistance from the movers, sticking to the article would help.

In order to approach your move with professional movers, you need to understand the type of movers and what exactly their services are. So, read on to know about the various types of movers to find out to whom exactly you should be reaching out.

  1. Small move – When the moving process involves shifting 2000 pounds or less from one place to another within the same area, it’ll be called small moving.
  2. Local Move – The companies offering the packing and moving services covering around 50 miles are called local movers. They own the state license for moving, which does not allow them to move out of the state unless they have a USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) number. Local movers usually charge you upon the number of men X total number of hours consumed to get the job done.
  3. Long-Distance Moving – If the moving destination is within the state, but exceeding the company’s set distance for local moving, it will be called local distance moving. There are two types of long-distance moving, you need to decide what fits best for you. Have a look.
  • Self-service move – The role of the movers in this type will only include loading/unload and transporting your belongings to your destination.
  • Full-service move – Full-service move includes each and everything in the process. From packaging and loading/unloading to transporting all your belongings to your new house or office.
  1. Interstate Move – Interstate move does not have to do anything with the distance; it could be 100 to 500 miles or more. When you move out of the state, the moving companies generally charge you upon the total weight of your belongings.
  2. International Move – As the name suggests itself, the role of international movers takes place when you want to move out of the country. Price estimation of an international move is decided upon the volume of the shipment and the measurements are in the cubic meters.

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