Patrick Lucchese Leads One of the Top Consulting Firms in Brazil

Patrick Lucchese is known as a very experienced and influential business professional. He joined the industry way back in 2005 when he worked for Rossi Construções, a successful construction company based in Brazil. After quickly gaining valuable experience in this role and excelling to new heights, he became director of the company’s south region in Brazil. Lucchese worked in this position for the next four years, making lasting relationships and learning the ins and outs of executive operations. Just four years later, in 2010, Patrick earned the position of Commercial Director at the national level. He was an industry expert at this point, having had several years of experience in a high-level position. However, Lucchese wanted to continue to grow. In 2011, he took a Commercial Director job at another company, Grupo Invest. While Patrick loved making a difference and helping people, he wanted to continue to advance in his career. Just three years later, in 2013, Lucchese became Director and Partner at Bozano Realty. In 2014, he took yet another high-level position, this time as the Southern Regional Director at Credit Suisse. He held the role for two years until he founded Urban Advisors, where he currently works.

As Patrick Lucchese has excelled in the world of business and development, his schooling helped him become who he is today. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The George Washington University, including a Master’s degree in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering from the same school.

Today, Patrick Lucchese is the Director of Urban Advisors, an organization he founded in 2016. The business has made a lasting impact in Brazil and beyond. In fact, the company has become one of the country’s most essential Initial Public Offering (IPO) advisory firms. Lucchese and his team of specialists offer a wide variety of IPO services, including mergers and acquisitions, IPO advice, strategic support, and help with structuring fundraising operations.

Patrick Lucchese is from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and was born in Porto Alegre on March 4, 1979. He’s honored to be from Brazil and is passionate about making a difference in his home country.

Patrick is the son of cardiac surgeon Fernando Antonio Lucchese and business administrator and entrepreneur Janir Lucchese. His dad is also the Medical Director of Hospital São Francisco do Complexo Hospitalar Santa Casa de Porto Alegre. With all of this family success, Patrick is following in his parent’s footsteps.

Patrick is also a married man, having been a husband since 2012 when he married businesswoman Marina Sirotsky. They currently have two children together; Rafael Sirotsky Lucchese, born in 2017, and Felipe Sirotsky Lucchese, born in 2015.

Patrick is a family man, an outstanding business partner, and an exceptional advisor. Having had a long career with many accomplishments, he enjoys passing on knowledge to his clients. With his guidance and expertise, including the experience of his skilled team, Urban Advisors is considered one of the top IPO advisory consultancies in Brazil.

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