Property Estate Management Companies Must Action Safety Risk Assessments

House management agents for freeholders and leaseholders in blocks of flats and apartments have concerns regarding the possible lack of importance which some affix to risk assessments. Stairwells and customary areas in residential facilities are treated like a commercial space under current plans so we must see great lengths to convince many people that mandatory risk assessments are actually necessary and really should be used seriously. You will find obviously also a number of other statutory needs that freehold management companies require to conform with and that are frequently sidelined.

Other conditions include the requirement for landlords to deal with the numerous leasehold or tenants’ legal rights which landlords and freehold management companies must recognise. Particularly service charges applications should be issued inside a prescribed form and meet timelines. Expenditure limits should be recognised and strict consultation procedures adopted. A number of these statutory needs are frequently overlooked with lots of freeholders believing that they don’t apply simply because they with each other own their freehold.

Leaseholders in blocks of flats who’ve taken advantage of purchasing their freeholds and who self manage their qualities fall under the course of individuals who’re at most chance of becoming complacent. This is often particularly prevalent in which the buy to allow marketplace is proportionally high, in areas for example London and also the East of England, Absent leaseholders who don’t reside in the property are frequently less active in the freehold estate property management company this really is definitely not always the situation and lots of do have a healthy interest..

Sometimes these freehold or leasehold block management companies make up the view that simply because they have apparently prevented any problems previously that they’ll still disregard the new and current legislation and responsibilities enforced in it through statute. They’ll without doubt save valuable service charges monies by doing this that is ok until an issue arises or perhaps a risk eventuates.

The United kingdom legislation (or even more particularly in Britain) will probably have a dim look at such conduct particularly in case of fire or where injuries has resulted using their unwillingness to handle their statutory responsibilities. Company directors and officials insurance which may otherwise safeguard individuals individuals in control may be void in a few conditions where conscious decisions happen to be come to disregard the recommendations of professional advisors. Specialist advice ought to be searched for as might be necessary.

I’m able to well comprehend the temptation to prevent unnecessary bureaucracy whenever we can however there’s a necessity to teach all individuals concerned from the risks involved and possible insurance implications of failure to conform. Leaseholders and freeholders could find it useful checking if their structures insurance pays out where risk assessments haven’t been correctly transported out, or recommendations complied with.

If you’re a freeholder, a concerned leaseholder or just wish for more information about house management take note there’s advice freely available. Specialist estate property management agents may also offer professional advice and support.

A great RICS qualified property block management agent will be able to help with counseling on safety and health that is clearly an essential part of the esrate management role on any block of flats, estate or apartment building.

Typical property management agents responsibilities would normally include organizing Risk Assessments, Safety and health and undertaking some or the following:

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Property Leasehold Enquiries

Service Charges Financial Control



Service Charges & Ground Rent Collection


Client Reporting

Property Leasehold Management & Compliance

Company Secretary

Major Works Consultancy

CDM Co-ordination Responsibilities for Major Works underneath the Construction Design and Management Rules

Many, otherwise the suggestions above property management activities in leasehold or freehold blocks of flats, apartment structures or managed estates calls for thought on safety and health and the requirement for risk assessments. May it be transporting out works, repairs, maintenance or just in forecasting budget provisions for future years, your estate management responsibilities could be affected.

Therefore, it is required for all concerned in United kingdom house block management to make sure that both their professional services as well as their rentals are fully compliant with current statutory needs.

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