Rich Lamphere and Cal Coast Companies: Transforming the Marina Park

Cal Coast Companies and the City of San Leandro proudly announce their partnership in the transformative redevelopment of San Leandro Marina Park. This significant project promises to revitalize the area, enhance its appeal and functionality, and mark a major step forward for the community.

Project Details

The ambitious redevelopment plan encompasses a variety of new features. The design includes modern residential units, offering a range of housing options. A state-of-the-art hotel and a spacious conference center are set to boost local tourism and business opportunities. Additionally, the project prioritizes public amenities, including parks and recreational facilities, ensuring Marina Park remains a vibrant community hub. Attention to architectural aesthetics and user-friendly design underlines the commitment to creating a space that is not only functional but also visually appealing and accessible to all.

Economic Impact

This redevelopment project has the potential to significantly boost the local economy and generate a substantial number of jobs, both during the construction phase and in the future. It will significantly contribute to the local economy by attracting tourists and supporting small businesses. The hotel and conference center are projected to become focal points for events and meetings, driving increased spending in the area. The residential units will bring in new residents, further stimulating economic activity. Overall, the project is poised to enhance the economic landscape of San Leandro, fostering a thriving, dynamic community.

Role of Rich Lamphere

Rich Lamphere, a renowned builder, developer, and thought leader, plays a pivotal role in this project. While details of his involvement remain under wraps, his expertise in large-scale developments is a significant asset. Richard D. Lamphere’s approach, known for blending innovation with community needs, suggests a focus on creating spaces that resonate with local values. Rich Lamphere’s involvement highlights the project’s dedication to quality and sustainability, in line with the broader objective of strengthening San Leandro’s community fabric.

Sustainability and Community Benefits

The redevelopment of San Leandro Marina Park places a strong emphasis on sustainability and community welfare. The project prioritizes environmentally responsible practices, including the use of green materials and energy-efficient designs. The development is set to enhance community life with new public spaces, including parks and recreational areas, fostering social interactions and physical well-being. These features are designed to meet the needs of current and future generations, reinforcing the commitment to creating a sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant community space.


The partnership between Cal Coast Companies and the City of San Leandro in redeveloping Marina Park symbolizes a significant stride in community development. With its blend of residential, commercial, and public spaces, this project is poised to become a landmark of modern urban planning. It is a testament to collaborative efforts in building sustainable, economically vibrant, and socially enriching environments, setting a benchmark for future developments.

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